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Extended abstract the seminar/workshop content by Denis

Title: An Assessment of Student Teacher's Attitudes Towards Incorporation of ICT in Mathematics Instruction

Facilitator’s details (names, position and affiliation): Kagyera Denis Katakara, PhD student in Mathematics Education by Research, ACEITLMS

Potential participants: UR staff and Postgraduate students

Presentation/training mode: Online

Dates and duration(timing): 16th August 2, 2023

Extended abstract the seminar/workshop content (about 500-700 words). Focus on background, aims and expected outcomes for participants

This study aimed to assess the attitude of student teachers regarding the incorporation of ICT as a classroom instrument for mathematics instruction. The researchers conducted a survey among student teachers from selected teacher training institutions in central Uganda to collect data on their attitudes about using ICT in mathematics instruction. Furthermore, the study sought to identify any potential barriers or challenges that student teachers faced when integrating ICT into learning mathematics. 

A study was conducted using a sample of one hundred thirty-two (132) mathematics student teachers at two selected teacher training institutions in central Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown of the Education sector. The study was conducted using a descriptive survey research design, where participants were asked to complete an online questionnaire that assessed their attitudes, and challenges with using ICT in mathematics instruction. The data was analysed using SPSS edition 23.0. It had a Cronbach’s alpha constant (α) of 0.714.

The findings of the study revealed that while student teachers recognized the potential benefits of integrating ICT in mathematics instruction, they also identified several challenges, such as limited access to technology and a lack of training on how to effectively use ICT tools. Additionally, the study highlighted the need for teacher training institutions to provide comprehensive professional development programs that address these challenges and equip student teachers with the necessary skills to successfully integrate ICT in learning mathematics. The results further demonstrated that student teachers, despite their gender, have a positive attitude toward ICT as a pedagogical instrument.

Based on the analysis, it is suggested that lecturers within the departments of mathematics should incorporate ICT tools into their instruction so that student teachers can benefit from them. This can be achieved through workshops and training sessions that focus on integrating ICT tools effectively into the teaching process. Providing student teachers with hands-on experience and opportunities to practice using these tools in real classroom settings can further enhance their skills and confidence in utilizing ICT as a pedagogical instrument. 

Keywords: Attitude, COVID-19, ICT tools, Instruction, Mathematics, Student teachers


Readings (list of key references (5 max) to widen the understanding and application)

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