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PhD Programs and Entry Requirements

During the program, the students will benefit from a range of research experiences including exposure to scientific events organized locally and in the region such as workshops, seminars, public lectures and conferences. They will be required to complete a number of course and trainings, write and submit articles for publication, make presentations at Mathematics and Science Education conferences.
As per the University of Rwanda (UR) academic regulations, a PhD by research degree is awarded only after the student has successfully completed a study programme of 360 credits. This entails that the candidate has successfully written a research thesis and has presented and defended it in oral examination to the satisfaction of the examiners in accordance with the regulations for the award of Doctorate Degree. In addition to the thesis, the PhD students have to take some postgraduate courses related to their proposal. They should successfully complete a minimum of two courses within a period of the first three semesters. These modules are compulsory and are:
• Research Methodology (mainly focusing on research methods in education and on Statistics applied to educational research) and
• English Academic writing
They are non-credited and shall be assessed on basis of attendance, participation and completion of course works or assignments. They shall be assessed on a PASS/FAIL basis.

The duration of the programme and the time for submission of thesis are counted from the date of provisional registration. The duration of the Program is 3 years, Full Time.
Note: Apart from statutory holidays students would normally be expected to take a maximum of Six weeks leave from their study per year. This period will not ‘stop the clock ‘on the length of candidature and students will be expected to complete within the normal timeframe.

Candidates applying for the ACEITLMS-PhD (by research) programme should have an MSc degree in Mathematics/Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) with an undergraduate degree in Education or an undergraduate degree in mathematics/science subject(s) with a master’s degree in Education. The candidate must have sufficient knowledge of English, which is the medium of instruction.
Prospective student who wish to do their PhD by research in ACEITLMS need to generate student's reference number and then send the following documents on this link when apply for admission:

  • A personal statement/motivation letter describing the candidate's motivation to join the program
  • A curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Notarized Master’s and bachelor’s degrees and transcripts
  • Recommendation letters by at least two academic referees (former lecturers or supervisors) from previous educational institutions who are knowledgeable about the applicant.
  • Support letter from employer (if any).
  • Copies of valid identification card and/or passport.
  •  Sponsorship letter from an organization (if any).
  • Applicants from countries where English is not the medium of instruction must provide an English proficiency certificate from a relevant and accredited body or institution in their respective countries.
  • Research Concept Note relevant to the PhD degree sought.
  • Master’s Thesis abstract

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